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1121 West Isabel Street
Burbank, California 91506-1405

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM - M-F Pacific Time
Closing as early as 4:30 PM some Fridays

We are proud to show off our modern, top quality color printing and design facility - when you are in the Burbank area, please stop by for a tour of our plant.


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In the advertising world, printed material can spark the reader's imagination, draw them deeper into your message, and has a high potential for fostering a new customer relationship . . . limited only by the imagination of those charged with creating a printed piece. Contact us to find out how our incredibly talented and innovative design group can benefit you, and click the photo above to open a new and imaginative marketing experience . . . that works!


Built in 1964, and first lit in 2001, Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse is one of the newest lighthouses in the United States. Known as Walton Lighthouse because of a significant donation to its construction by local businessman Charles Walton, it stands as a beacon to the entrance of the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor - from our 2021 "Lighthouses" Calendar, which showcases beautiful lighthouses around the country.

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While you may think that marketers and football players are far from alike, that’s not exactly true. There’s actually a ton to learn from the sport of football.

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When your team members love working for your business, it shows. It’s important to ensure you build a company culture that lasts. After all, your team members are the heart and soul of your company. When they’re happy, good work also gets done.

In order to become a brand that your audience knows, loves and trusts, your branding plays a major role.