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1121 West Isabel Street
Burbank, California 91506-1405

7:00 AM to 5:30 PM - M-F Pacific Time
Closing as early as 4:30 PM some Fridays

Your newsletter is terrific - interesting, informative, entertaining. I always set it aside to read when I want to take a break, and it's a perfect example of why print works for this kind of thing and e-newsletters don't - I never take a break to read something on my computer screen! :-)
- Barbara Beckley
The Colony Theatre Company

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent job you did on my book. It's been getting a great reaction from everyone that sees it and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. The quality really is superb!
- Jeremy Bernstein

I am shocked that I am the first to review! Patterson Graphics is an excellent business. They are so nice that we were concerned at first, but the quality and price have been consistently unbeatable. We have been using them for a variety of projects from printing brochures to corporate posters, and now I am going in for some business cards. We have had shoddy work done elsewhere, spotty xeroxed looking low quality stuff. Patterson has never delivered anything but top notch goods.
- myra b.

Our latest promotion, aimed at the Valley Business Expo, was the project of our new marketing assistant Emily. We found out about the Valley Business Expo very late -- so much for their marketing! -- and so turnaround time was important (as were, of course, quality and price). We put Emily utterly in charge of this, and as a team came up with a concept for our marketing piece, which she shopped around to printers. A added Patterson Graphics to the list. I said "They're good people, but it's your decision." She spoke with Ryan, and ultimately we went with Patterson.

It was a great decision, and we couldn't be happier.

A few elements worth noting:

1. we got this to you very last-minute (sorry!) and you still made our deadline
2. your price was absolutely reasonable, especially given the turnaround time
3. it turned out that the graphic we uploaded was slightly out of spec; Ryan just fixed it for us, something other printer most likely wouldn't do
4. your person who brought over a sample for us to look at greeted me by name. That tiny bit of extra customer service always goes far.
5. Ryan said the printing would look great -- and it does.

I just wanted to let you know it's always great working with you and your people. We're very happy with the job we got from you and the response it's elicited from everyone we've shown it to.

- Lee Wochner
Counterintuity, LLC

We have been working with Patterson Graphics for over 6 years. Without fail, they have come through with every job we have given them. There are no complaints or excuses from his team; they just get the job done! The team is extremely patient, and always willing to help. They have great prices, great quality, and the job is always done to meet our deadlines! They print our letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, business cards, folders and note pads! Pat is always adding new equipment to his shop and has all the capabilities of a printing corporation, with neighborly service!
- Saya Yamaguchi
CRAIC Technologies

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